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Indole alkaloids ellipticine (1), cryptolepine triflate (2a), rationally designed 11-(4-piperidinamino)cryptolepine hydrogen dichloride (2b) and olivacine (3) (an isomer of 1) were evaluated in vitro(More)
In the present study, in vitro techniques were used to investigate a range of biological activities of known natural quassinoids isobrucein B (1) and neosergeolide (2), known semi-synthetic(More)
Dillapiol, a phenylpropanoid isolate from essential oils of leaves of Piper aduncum (Piperaceae), has insecticidal, fungicidal and antimicrobial activities. The insecticidal activity of dillapiol was(More)
Tachia sp. are used as antimalarials in the Amazon Region and in vivo antimalarial activity of a Tachia sp. has been previously reported. Tachia grandiflora Maguire and Weaver is an Amazonian(More)
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