Sergio Mariotti

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PURPOSE To calculate the impact of stroke in Italy in 1998, expressed in terms of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) according to the WHO Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Study. METHOD The data on first-ever stroke incidence (FES), remission rate and case fatality derived from the health information system and a research on post-FES disability of the(More)
BACKGROUND When trauma patients arrive in the emergency department (ED), coagulopathy frequently is present. The time course, however, in which this coagulopathy develops is poorly understood. No study has fully evaluated the coagulation status, including thromboelastometry on-scene and at hospital arrival. We hypothesized that measured coagulation(More)
P. Bolli*, A. Orlati†, L. Stringhetti‡,¶, A. Orfei†, S. Righini†, R. Ambrosini†, M. Bartolini†, C. Bortolotti†, F. Bu®a§, M. Buttu§, A. Cattani†, N. D'Amico§, G. Deiana§, A. Fara§, F. Fiocchi†, F. Gaudiomonte§, A. Maccaferri†, S. Mariotti†, P. Marongiu§, A. Melis§, C. Migoni§, M. Morsiani†, M. Nanni†, F. Nasyr§, A. Pellizzoni§, T. Pisanu§, M. Poloni†, S.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS According to a WHO estimate, 50% of the total burden of diseases in men and 25% in women for the EURO-A group (which includes the highly developed countries of the WHO European Region) are attributable to unhealthy life-styles. The aim of the present study was to analyze anthropometric, biochemical and behavioral risk factors using data(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The prevalence of the preclinical phase of dementia varies greatly, according to the diagnostic criteria and assessment procedures applied. The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence of cognitive impairment according to the Aging-Associated Cognitive Decline (AACD) diagnostic criteria in an Italian elderly population. (More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the relationship between serum total cholesterol (TC) and all-cause mortality, taking into account various potential confounders. DESIGN Population-based prospective cohort study. SETTING Older Italians residing in the general community. PARTICIPANTS Four thousand five hundred twenty-one men and women aged 65-84. MEASUREMENTS(More)
According to the data collected at the Rome-based National Reference Centre for Enterobacteria, 266,547 Salmonella strains isolated from human sources (226,513) and from non human sources(40,034) were characterised in Italy during the period 1973–1995. The serotype of all isolates, and the antibiotype and phage type of selected isolates were determined.(More)
Because public health funds are limited, programs need to be prioritized. We used data on 15 risk factors from Italy’s public health surveillance to inform prioritization of programs. We ranked risk factors using a score based on the product of six criteria: deaths attributable to risk factors; prevalence of risk factors; risk factor prevalence trend;(More)
PURPOSE To examine prospectively the relationship between vegetable consumption and long-term survival. METHODS In 1965, a total of 1536 Italian males from two Italian rural cohorts of the Seven Countries Study, aged 45-65 years, were examined. Information on lifestyle and food consumption collected at this visit, and total and cause-specific mortality(More)
The Sardinia Radio Telescope is approaching to its official inauguration. Nowadays, the technical staff is accomplishing the last remaining activities to set up and integrate the microwave receivers, the digital processing systems and all the equipment necessary to reach a top level in the international scenario of large radio telescopes. Even if the radio(More)