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The endolithic microbial communities of the Antarctic represent a borderline lifestyle in the most hostile ice-free areas of the continent. The extreme adaptation of microbes in these communities renders them very sensitive to environmental changes. To date, the actual distribution of these communities has never been investigated; yet, this information(More)
To study the use of the ratio of positive to negative self-statements, locus of control, and self-esteem in discriminating between scores on the Beck Depression Inventory 145 undergraduate college students were administered the Beck Depression Inventory, Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-Revised, Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory-Adult Form, and the Rotter(More)
The contributions of frequency of positive and negative self-statements and their ratio, locus of control, and depression in prediction of self-esteem were examined. Volunteers were 145 college students (100 women and 45 men) who were administered the Coopersmith Self-esteem Inventory-Adult Form, Automatic Thought Questionnaire-Revised, the Beck Depression(More)
The present study investigated whether learning and retrieval are associated with changes in mood state. 50 college students (20 men and 30 women) were assigned to one of five treatment conditions: Happy-Happy, Sad-Sad, Neutral-Neutral, Happy-Sad, and Sad-Happy. Mood was induced via the Velten procedure. During the first mood-induction phase, students were(More)
The Ficoncella site in northern Latium (Italy) represents a unique opportunity to investigate the modalities of a short occupation in an alluvial setting during the Lower Palaeolithic. The small excavation area yielded a lithic assemblage, a carcass of Palaeoloxodon antiquus, and some other faunal remains. The main objectives of the study are to better(More)
We have done a spectroscopical analysis of the type I planetary nebula (PN) NGC 5315, through high-resolution (R∼40000) optical spectroscopy with UVES at the 8.2m Very Large Telescope, and medium-resolution (R∼4800) near-IR spectroscopy with FIRE at the 6.5m Magellan Baade telescope, covering a wide spectral range from 0.31 μm to 2.50μm. The main aim of(More)
This study examined classroom environment and locus of control in identifying successfully children showing high and low self-concepts. In their respective intact classrooms, 107 fourth- and fifth-graders were administered the Piers-Harris Children's Self-concept Scale, the Classroom Environment Scale, and the Nowicki-Strickland Children's Locus of Control(More)
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