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Little is known, about the influence of different exercise intensities on cognition, the concentration of steroid hormones (SHs), and their interaction in adolescents. Sixty high school students from the 9th grade were randomly assigned to two experimental (EG 1, EG 2) and a control group (CG). Saliva collection took place after a normal school lesson (t1)(More)
Different treatments for stroke patients have been proposed; among them the mirror therapy and motion imagery lead to functional recovery by providing a cortical reorganization. Up today the basic concepts of the current literature on mirror neurons and the major findings regarding the use of mirror therapy and motor imagery as potential tools to promote(More)
UNLABELLED Panic disorder refers to the frequent and recurring acute attacks of anxiety. OBJECTIVE This study describes the routine use of mobiles phones (MPs) and investigates the appearance of possible emotional alterations or symptoms related to their use in patients with panic disorder (PD). BACKGROUND We compared patients with PD and agoraphobia(More)
The present experiment aimed at investigating electrophysiologic changes observed as beta band asymmetry, by Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG), when individuals performed a reaching motor task (catching a ball in free fall). The sample was composed of 23 healthy individuals, of both sexes, with ages varying between 25 and 40 years old. All the(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of bromazepam on EEG and the motor learning process when healthy subjects were submitted to a typewriting task. We investigated bromazepam due to its abuse by various populations and its prevalent clinical use among older individuals which are more sensitive to the negative effects of long half-life(More)
The aim of this study was to verify changes in absolute power (qEEG), in theta, during the catch of a free falling object. The sample consisted of 10 healthy individuals, of both genders, with ages between 25 and 40 years. A three-way ANOVA followed by Post-Hoc analysis was applied. The results demonstrated main effects for time and position. In conclusion,(More)
Our objective is to verify the modulatory effects of bromazepam on EEG theta absolute power when subjects were submitted to a visuomotor task (i.e., car driver task). Sample was composed of 14 students (9 males and 5 females), right handed, with ages varying between 23 and 42 years (mean=32.5+/-9.5), absence of mental or physical impairments, no(More)
The study aimed to elucidate electrophysiological and cortical mechanisms involved in anticipatory actions when healthy subjects had to catch balls in free drop; specifically through quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) alpha absolute power changes. Our hypothesis is that during the preparation of motor action (i.e., 2s before ball's drop) occurred(More)
INTRODUCTION Sensorimotor integration is defined as the capability of the central nervous system to integrate different sources of stimuli, and parallelly, to transform such inputs in motor actions. AIM To review the basic principles of sensorimotor integration, such as, its neural bases and its elementary mechanisms involved in specific goal-directed(More)
The saccadic paradigm has been used to investigate specific cortical networks involving visuospatial attention. We examined whether asymmetry in theta and beta band differentiates the role of the hemispheres during the execution of two different prosacadic conditions: a fixed condition, where the stimulus was presented at the same location; and a random(More)