Sergio M Loureiro

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The basic magnetic and electronic properties of most binary compounds have been well known for decades. The recent discovery of superconductivity at 39 K in the simple binary ceramic compound magnesium diboride, MgB2, was therefore surprising. Indeed, this material has been known and structurally characterized since the mid 1950s (ref. 2), and is readily(More)
The properties of an interacting electron system depend on the electron correlations and the effective dimensionality. For example, Coulomb repulsion between electrons may inhibit, or completely block, conduction by intersite electron hopping, thereby determining whether a material is a metal or an insulator. Furthermore, correlation effects increase as the(More)
We studied the pressure and temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity of the superconducting compound magnesium diboride (MgB(2)). The superconducting transition temperature decreases monotonically with pressure, being parabolic or linear, depending on samples. The rate of decrease under pressure is higher than in conventional superconductors. We(More)
Porous ceramics are of great interest for filtration, catalysis, and reactive separation processes. Performance in these applications is highly dependent on features such as pore size distribution and connectivity and wall composition. Here, we describe a method allowing the rational design and synthesis of mesoporous silica composites with controlled(More)
This paper examines potential changes in solid waste policies for the reduction in GHG for the country of Brazil and one of its major states and cities, Rio de Janeiro, from 2005 to 2030. To examine these policy options, trends in solid waste quantities and associated GHG emissions are derived. Three alternative policy scenarios are evaluated in terms of(More)
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