Sergio M. Camporeale

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A high-fidelity real-time simulation code based on a lumped, nonlinear representation of gas turbine components is presented. The code is a general-purpose simulation software environment useful for setting up and testing control equipments. The mathematical model and the numerical procedure are specially developed in order to efficiently solve the set of(More)
In this paper, an innovative power plant, constituted by a gas turbine in combined-cycle fuelled by a synthesis gas (or syngas), produced in a local biomass gasifier, is analyzed. The plant is integrated with an external combustion system, fed by cellulosic biomass, connected to a heat exchanger able to increase the air temperature, as in a regenerative(More)
The aim of this paper is to numerically investigate the performance of a cross-flow water turbine of the Darrieus type for very low head hydropower applications. The interest for this kind of vertical axis turbine relies on its versatility. For instance, in the field of renewable energy, this kind of turbine may be considered for different applications,(More)
In the next few years, even though there will be a continuous growth of renewables and a loss of the share of fossil fuel, energy production will still be strongly dependent on fossil fuels. It is expected that coal will continue to play an important role as a primary energy source in the next few decades due to its lower cost and higher availability with(More)
The rare causes of massive hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract are not completely classifiable. They are characterized by high variability, as shown in several isolated reports. In our experience of 17 cases, clinical and endoscopic features were sometimes typical of a rare pathology, others were referable to common pathologies and exactly diagnosed(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The aim of our study was to evaluate the impact of introduction of laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) and reasons for the increase in cholecystectomy rate, by a retrospective review of all admissions for gallbladder disease before and after the introduction of laparoscopic surgery in our department. METHODOLOGY Chi-squared test was used for(More)
We studied 86 patients suffering from hypersplenism, associated with portal hypertension (39 patients), hematologic disease (45 patients) and with Gaucher's disease (2 patients). Inclusion criteria were the presence of thrombocytopenia < 100.000 x mm3 and leucopenia < 4.000 x mm3. No meaningful differences about the improvement of hypersplenism in portal(More)
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