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In vitro mechanotransduction studies, uncovering the basic science of the response of cells to mechanical forces, are essential for progress in tissue engineering and its clinical application. Many varying investigations have described a multitude of cell responses; however, as the precise nature and magnitude of the stresses applied are infrequently(More)
INTRODUCTION The pathogenesis of rotator cuff disease (RCD) is complex and not fully understood. This systematic review set out to summarise the histological and molecular changes that occur throughout the spectrum of RCD. METHODS We conducted a systematic review of the scientific literature with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. RESULTS A(More)
OBJECTIVES Surgical marking during tendon surgery is often used for technical and teaching purposes. This study investigates the effect of a gentian violet ink marker pen, a common surgical marker, on the viability of the tissue and cells of tendon. METHODS In vitro cell and tissue methods were used to test the viability of human hamstring explants and(More)
The Acuityscope projects an image of a three bar resolution test target onto the patient's retina, where it is viewed and read by an observer. The test target consists of a series of three bar targets varying in size on a logarithmic scale. Individual targets are identified in the projected image by Bailey-Lovie log visual acuity equivalents. The projected(More)
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