Sergio L. M. Salles-Filho

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This article purposes an interpretation of the process of technological innovation in agriculture. We begin with a criticism to the idea of agriculture as a particular environment in economic analysis. We argue that some dynamic concepts from Economics of Innovation, especially as seen by the evolutionary literature, can be used as an adequate theoretical(More)
We investigated the extent to which different selection mechanisms for awarding scholarships varied in their short- and longer-term consequences in the performance of awardees in terms of scientific production. We conducted an impact evaluation study on undergraduate, master’s, and PhD research scholarships and compared two different financial sources in(More)
This article proposes a comprehensive framework for R&D and innovation project selection under uncertainty and subject to real-world constraints applicable to the Brazilian electricity sector, using a combination of integer programming formulation and a PROMETHEE-based method. The objective is to contribute to this domain by offering an approach suitable(More)
Evaluation has become a regular practice in the management of science, technology and innovation (ST&I) programs. Several methods have been developed to identify the results and impacts of programs of this kind. Most evaluations that adopt such an approach conclude that the interventions concerned, in this case ST&I programs, had a positive impact compared(More)
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