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Progress in developing perennial wheats for grain and grazing
Abstract. Dual-purpose cereals have been important for increasing the flexibility and profitability of mixed farming enterprises in southern Australia, providing winter feed when pasture dry matterExpand
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Temperature and light drive manganese accumulation and stress in crops across three major plant families
Abstract Environmental change is giving rise to conditions that exacerbate the solubilisation of manganese (Mn) in soil, and genetics underpins plant response to Mn oversupply. Here, Mn accumulationExpand
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Rhizo-lysimetry: facilities for the simultaneous study of root behaviour and resource use by agricultural crop and pasture systems
BackgroundRhizo-lysimeters offer unique advantages for the study of plants and their interactions with soils. In this paper, an existing facility at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga AustraliaExpand
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Allelopathic potential of pasture legume species and selected winter crops on barnyard grass and rice
Allelopathic potential of pasture legumes and selected winter crops on barnyard grass and rice were investigated. Three annual pasture legume species (antas subclover, shaftal persian, and viperExpand
Procédé de mise en relation sans fil, sélective et spontanée d'au moins deux entités et équipement mettant en oeuvre ce procédé
La presente invention concerne un procede de mise en relation (M) sans fil d'au moins deux entites independantes (10,20), par ondes de radio frequence, de maniere spontanee, securisee, fugitive etExpand
Deeper roots may improve the water use of early sown canola
Addressing subsoil acidity in the field with deep liming and organic amendments: Research update for a long-term experiment
Abstract A long-term field experiment was established in 2016 to manage subsurface soil acidity through innovative amelioration methods with the aim to increase productivity, profitability andExpand