Sergio Isaac de la Cruz Hernández

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Dengue is the most important mosquito-borne viral infection in humans. Recent evidence suggests that vitamin D influences virus replication. In this work, the effect of vitamin D treatment on dengue virus infection in human hepatic Huh-7 cells and on virus infection and cytokine production in the human monocytic U937 cells was evaluated. Exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND Type 1 interferon (IFNα/β) has a significant role in establishing protection against virus infections. It has been well documented by in vitro studies that dengue virus (DENV) activates a robust IFNα/β response. However, DENV also induces a down-regulation of the JAK/STAT pathway, inhibiting the induction of interferon regulated genes. As a(More)
BACKGROUND The measurement and detection of viremia and antigenemia in sera have been used as a marker of risk for dengue disease severity and diagnosis. However, evidence exists suggesting that levels of viremia and antigenemia are affected by the presence of specific antibodies. OBJECTIVE To compare viral load and circulating NS1 levels in sera from(More)
The performance of the novel commercial test ASSURE® Dengue IgA Rapid test (MP Diagnostics) was evaluated using a panel of 172 sera collected from dengue patients and 47 sera from healthy blood donors. The overall specificity and sensitivity were 61.0% and 85.1%, respectively. However, the positivity rate for IgA went from 33.3% for sera collected the same(More)
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