Sergio I Molina

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We present the mapping of the full plasmonic mode spectrum for single and aggregated gold nanoparticles linked through DNA strands to a silicon nitride substrate. A comprehensive analysis of the electron energy loss spectroscopy images maps was performed on nanoparticles standing alone, dimers, and clusters of nanoparticles. The experimental results were(More)
The 3D distribution of self-assembled stacked quantum dots (QDs) is a key parameter to obtain the highest performance in a variety of optoelectronic devices. In this work, we have measured this distribution in 3D using a combined procedure of needle-shaped specimen preparation and electron tomography. We show that conventional 2D measurements of the(More)
The finite elements method (FEM) is a useful tool for the analysis of the strain state of semiconductor heterostructures. It has been used for the prediction of the nucleation sites of stacked quantum dots (QDs), but often using either simulated data of the atom positions or two-dimensional experimental data, in such a way that it is difficult to assess the(More)
  • Pedro L Galindo, Francisco J Pacheco, Sergio I Molina, Ana M Sanchez, Rafael Garcia, Ignacio Turias +3 others
In this paper we show how several fields of Advanced Computing (Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks and Machine Learning) are powerful tools for the analysis and manipulation of High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy images. A specific task has been designed for the determination of thickness and defocus from High Resolution Transmission Electron(More)
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