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One of the main challenges when developing Elearning systems is the capability to adapt the learning experience to different users. This adaptability requires a flexible scheme for sequencing the learning material to different students. Content sequencing has been recently included in standardization efforts such as SCORM or IMS, namely IMS Simple(More)
—We present jPET, a whitebox test-case generator (TCG) which can be used during software development of Java applications within the Eclipse environment. jPET builds on top of PET, a TCG which automatically obtains test-cases from the bytecode associated to a Java program. jPET performs reverse engineering of the test-cases obtained at the bytecode level by(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT The lateral transpsoas approach to interbody fusion is gaining popularity because of its minimally invasive nature and resultant indirect neurologic decompression. The acute biomechanical stability of the lateral approach to interbody fusion is dependent on the type of supplemental internal fixation used. The two-hole lateral plate (LP)(More)
The paper tests the effectiveness of financial soundness indicators (FSIs) as harbingers of banking crises, using multivariate logit models to see whether FSIs, broad macroeconomic indicators, and institutional indicators can indeed predict crisis occurrences. The analysis draws upon a data set of homogeneous indicators comparable across countries over the(More)
The IMS Learning Design specification aims at capturing the complete learning flow of courses, without being restricted to a particular pedagogical model. Such flow description for a course, called a Unit of Learning, must be able to be reproduced in different systems using a so called run-time environment. In the last few years there has been several tools(More)
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