Sergio Gregorio da Silva

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To assess use of imagery intervention in performance of two tennis motor skills the quasi-experimental design included a pre- and posttest and a control group. The tennis service shot and service receiving skill were selected as representative of open and closed skills, respectively. 48 subjects, male tennis players, whose ages ranged from 16 to 18 yr. (M =(More)
[Purpose] This study investigated the effects of musical tempo on physiological, affective, and perceptual responses as well as the performance of self-selected walking pace. [Subjects] The study included 28 adult women between 29 and 51 years old. [Methods] The subjects were divided into three groups: no musical stimulation group (control), and 90 and 140(More)
JEL classification: G11 G14 Keywords: Disposition effect Investor experience Artificial stock market Framed field experiment a b s t r a c t We examine whether investing experience can dampen the disposition effect, that is, the fact that investors seem to hold on to their losing stocks to a greater extent than they hold on to their winning stocks. To do(More)
The scaling of the probability distribution of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange index is shown to be described by a Levy stable stochastic process for the modal region of the distribution. Data refer to daily records for the 30−year period 1968−1998. The truncated Levy process is characterized by a scaling index of 1.66. Scaling power laws are also shown to be(More)
We show that preschoolers exhibit the endowment effect as evidenced by experiments where children generally chose to keep their own toys rather than trading them for similar ones. Furthermore, we relate the emergence of this effect to children's innate psychobiological traits--emotional state, gender, handedness, and digit ratio. The trials were conducted(More)
[Purpose] The aim of this study was to observe the effect of self-selected intensity or imposed intensity during aerobic training on perceptual and affective responses in obese women. [Subjects] The study included 26 obese women aged 30-60 years. [Methods] The subjects were randomly divided into two groups, with 13 subjects in each group: self-selected(More)
The training load imposed and perceived by coaches and soccer players, respectively, was compared for three weeks of the basic preparatory period of a professional soccer team through session ratings of perceived exertion (S-RPE). Participants were 24 professional Brazilian soccer players (all males, age: 24.1 ± 3.4 years) and their coaches. Athletes(More)
We replicate the Stanford marshmallow experiment with a sample of 141 preschoolers and find a correlation between lack of self-control and 2D:4D digit ratio. Children with low 2D:4D digit ratio are less likely to delay gratification. Low 2D:4D digit ratio may indicate high fetal testosterone. If this hypothesis is true, our finding means high fetal(More)
We make a case for the usefulness of an optimal control approach for the central banks' choice of interest rates in inflation target regimes. We illustrate it with data from selected developed and emerging countries with longest experience of inflation targeting. TV acknowledges financial support from the Brazilian agency CNPq, and SDS acknowledges support(More)