Sergio Granville

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The classical non-linear mixed integer formulation of the transmission network expansion problem cannot guarantee finding the optimal solution due to its non-convex nature. We propose an alternative mixed integer linear disjunctive formulation, which has better conditioning properties than the standard disjunctive model. The mixed integer program is solved(More)
A new genetic test has been developed for detection of the mutation known as factor V Leiden. The test employs heteroduplex technology and comprises a single PCR reaction followed immediately by PCR product analysis. It therefore represents the minimum practical route from blood/tissue sample to genetic result. A cohort of 100 patients with a history of(More)
Optimal operation of hydrothermal systems is very complex because it corresponds to a multiperiod, stochastic, large scale and characterized by a nonseparable objective function optimization problem. As a result it is traditionally carried out without taking into account transmission constraints or considering them in a very simplified way. This approach is(More)
One of the main questions in electricity market deregulation is the aptitude of private capital for investments in power generation. This is especially important in Brazil, whose load has a strong growth trend (≈5% per year). Thermopower is an attractive alternative for expanding generation, as it is complementary in many aspects to hydropower, which(More)
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