Sergio Govoni

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Recently the term Web Services Orchestration has been introduced to address composition and coordination of Web Services. Several languages to describe orchestration for business processes have been presented and many of them use concepts such as long-running transactions and compensations to cope with error handling. WS-BPEL is currently the best suited in(More)
An electronic health record depends on the consistent handling of people's identities within and outside healthcare organizations. Currently, the Person Identification Service (PIDS), a CORBA specification, is the only well-researched standard that meets these needs. In this paper, we introduce WS/PIDS, a PIDS specification for Web Services (WS) that(More)
The only standard for handling and sharing patient demographics and other identifying information is the CORBAmed Person Identification Service (PIDS). We recently introduced WS/PIDS, a corresponding specification using Web Services, immediately usable for sharing EHR data in heterogeneous distributed environments; this paper focuses on the XML Schema(More)
Productivity measurement has become a major issue for university leaders. Federal and state governments support teaching and research with significant investments. When university leaders are seeking new funding, it is not uncommon that they need to justify their request with productivity measurement metrics and equally important research output consumption(More)
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