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It has been suggested that motor imagery (MI) has the basic components of real motion. This possibility was tested here in 17 healthy volunteers studied while performing or imaging a fast sequence of finger movements of progressive complexity, a fast and precise extension of the arm to touch a small circle with the tip of a pencil, a periodic repetitive(More)
Fasciola hepatica infection is reported from many Latin American countries, with very high prevalence rates in both humans and livestock in the Andean countries. Due to its environmental characteristics, particularly suitable for liver fluke infection, the Cajamarca valley of Peru has often been chosen as a model to study the epidemiology of liver fluke(More)
  • Paula Fernandez, Marcelo Soria, David Blesa, Julio DiRienzo, Sebastian Moschen, Maximo Rivarola +12 others
  • 2012
Oligonucleotide-based microarrays with accurate gene coverage represent a key strategy for transcriptional studies in orphan species such as sunflower, H. annuus L., which lacks full genome sequences. The goal of this study was the development and functional annotation of a comprehensive sunflower unigene collection and the design and validation of a custom(More)
During recent years the need for accurate color measurements has been increasing to achieve proper color management in a number of industries. One of the most wide spread techniques to measure color is based on spectrophotometric measurements. However, when dealing with hardcopy materials (paper and inks) that contain fluorescent components, the color(More)
Nothofagus nervosa is one of the most emblematic native tree species of Patagonian temperate forests. Here, the shotgun RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) of the transcriptome of N. nervosa, including de novo assembly, functional annotation, and in silico discovery of potential molecular markers to support population and associations genetic studies, are described.(More)
The myelin sheath is essential for the rapid and efficient propagation of action potentials. However, our understanding of the basic molecular mechanisms that regulate myelination, demyelination and remyelination is limited. Schwann cells produce myelin in the peripheral nervous system and remain associated with the axons of peripheral neurons throughout(More)
In contrast to the relatively high attention paid to the structural heterogeneity of striatal dopamine (DA) innervation, little attention has been focused on the possible striatal heterogeneity for release and uptake of DA. By using amperometric methods, we found striatal regions showing a DA decrease during the medial forebrain bundle stimulation (drain(More)
Erosive lichen planus is an uncommon variant of lichen planus. Chronic erosions of the soles, accompanied by intense and disabling pain, are some of its most characteristic manifestations. We present the case of a woman who developed oral and plantar erosive lichen planus associated with lichen planus pigmentosus and ungueal lichen planus that were(More)