Sergio Godínez Gutiérrez

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of prosthetic design and surgical technique of reverse shoulder implants on total abduction range of motion and impingement on the inferior scapular neck. Custom implants in three glenosphere diameters (30, 36, and 42 mm), with 3 different centers of rotation offsets (0, +5, and +10 mm), were placed(More)
Introduction. Dyslipidemia like other chronic degenerative diseases is pandemic in Latin America and around the world. A lot of patients asking for body contouring surgery can be sick without knowing it. Objective. Observe the lipid profile of patients with dyslipidemia, before and three months after an abdominoplasty. Methods. Patients candidate to an(More)
This paper is concerned with optimal design problems with a special assumption on the coefficients of the state equation. Namely we assume that the variations of these coefficients have a small amplitude. Then, making an asymptotic expansion up to second order with respect to the aspect ratio of the coefficients allows us to greatly simplify the optimal(More)
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