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Air management process in a turbocharged diesel engine is a multivariable, highly coupled nonlinear system with fast dynamics. Because of this, control algorithms with reasonably low computation times (enabling real time application) must be used. Furthermore, testing of new algorithms on a real engine is expensive. Therefore, a detailed non-linear engine(More)
An exhaustive study has been made into the potential improvement in attenuation and focusing of phononic crystal arrays resulting from the deliberate creation of vacancies. Use is made of a stochastic search algorithm based on evolutionary algorithms called the epsilon variable multi-objective genetic algorithm which, in conjunction with the application of(More)
An extension of the model predictive control philosophy to the field of fuzzy control design is discussed. The main goal is to bring together the best features from both techniques. The basic idea is to divide the initial optimization problem in a set of recursive optimization subproblems or decision stages. Each subproblem is raised as a fuzzy LQR design(More)