Sergio Galeani

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In this paper, several constructive linear and nonlinear anti-windup techniques are presented and explained. Two approaches, namely direct linear anti-windup (DLAW) and model recovery anti-windup (MRAW), are described in an algorithmic way, in order to illustrate their main features. Hereafter, theoretical conditions ensuring stability and performance,(More)
In this paper we propose a nonlinear state-feedback control law for the global asymptotic stabilization (GAS) of nonexponentially unstable plants. For these types of plants, nonlinear controllers are necessary in general to achieve GAS and several results are available in the literature. The theory is then also used as a solution to the so-called(More)
We consider an exponentially stable close-loop interconnection of a continuous linear plant and a continuous linear controller, and we study the problem of interconnecting the plant output to the controller input through a network. We propose a family of “lazy sensors” whose goal is to transmit the measured plant output information as little as possible(More)
In this paper we provide algorithms based on Linear Matrix Inequalities for the design of fullauthority and external linear anti-windup compensators of reduced order guaranteeing finite global L2 gain. Previous results showed that the reduced order anti-windup design problem is non-convex. We propose here a convex approximation of the non-convex constraints(More)