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— In this paper we propose a nonlinear state-feedback control law for the global asymptotic stabilization (GAS) of non-exponentially unstable plants. For these types of plants, nonlinear controllers are necessary in general to achieve GAS and several results are available in the literature. The theory is then also used as a solution to the so-called(More)
A Marx generator is a well-known type of electrical circuit first described by Erwin Otto Marx in 1924. It has been utilized in numerous applications in pulsed power with resistive or capacitive loads. To-date the vast majority of research on Marx generators designed to drive capacitive loads relied on experimentation and circuit-level modeling to guide(More)
— In this paper we give a constructive method for anti-windup design for general linear saturated plants with exponentially unstable modes. The constructive solution is independent of the controller dynamics so that the size of the (necessarily bounded) operating region in the exponentially unstable directions of the plant state space is large. Desirable(More)