Sergio G Salis

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Amelogenesis imperfecta (AI) is a group of hereditary conditions that affect enamel formation. It is associated with a high morbidity for the patients and may present major restorative and sometimes orthodontic challenges for the dental team. Early recognition followed by appropriate preventive and restorative care is essential in the successful management(More)
The fracture strength of contralateral pairs of premolar teeth was determined by an in vitro method wherein impact loads of equal energy were applied to the medial aspects of the buccal cusps. Absorbed energy values quantified the fracture resistance of unprepared teeth and teeth restored with MOD amalgams, MOD amalgam overlays, MOD gold overlays, and full(More)
We investigate whether workplaces adopting human resources management (HRM) practices that enhance face-to-face communication (FTFC) among employees are more productive than workplaces that do not use such arrangements. The underlying rationale is that facilitating employees’ physical proximity and verbal interaction makes knowledge sharing within(More)
This paper discusses the literature on the established determinants of productivity in the retail sector. It also draws attention to some neglected strands of research which provide useful insights into strategies that could allow productivity enhancements in this area of the economy. To date, very few attempts have been made to integrate different(More)
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