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BACKGROUND Peer methodology (PM) is an adaptation of the privileged access interviewer methodology and is used for prevalence studies. PM estimates higher drug consumption frequencies among school and college students than self reports, since it minimizes underreporting. AIM To assess drug abuse among students using PM. MATERIAL AND METHODS A random(More)
Many primate populations currently live in forest fragments. These populations are often unhabituated, elusive, and contain few individuals, making them difficult to study through direct observation. Noninvasive genetic methods are useful for surveying these unhabituated populations to infer the number and sex of individuals and the genetic diversity of the(More)
Immunoglobulins are heterodimeric proteins composed of 2 heavy chains and 2 light chains. Human immunoglobulin G (IgG) is a plasma derivative and contains more than 95% of IgG. The composition of IgG subclasses is similar to that of normal human plasma. Immunoglobulin therapy was first introduced more than 50 years ago, and its use has been described in(More)
We examined 159 samples of milk and milk products for staphylococcal count and presence of thermonuclease. Highest count for S aureus was found in cheese, followed by raw milk. Enterotoxins, mostly A and D, were found in 32% of 34 S aureus strains isolated from cheese and milk. Thermonuclease was detected in dried milk and cheese. Identification of this(More)
This study was designed to determine whether any relationship exists between exposure to artificial long days, milk yield, maternal plasma insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels, and kid growth rate in goats. One group of lactating goats was maintained under naturally decreasing day length (control group; n = 19), while in another one, they were kept(More)
Optometry & Vision Development ABSTRACT Background: The association between the primitive reflexes of vestibular origin and the developmental control of ocular movements has been of interest to many. The objective of the present study was to determine the association, if any, between any remaining primitive reflexes and saccadic eye movements in 5th grade(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the adherence to Infectious Disease Society of America/American Thoracic Society guidelines and the causes of lack of adherence during empirical antibiotic prescription in severe pneumonia in Latin America. METHODS A clinical questionnaire was submitted to 36 physicians from Latin America; they were asked to indicate the empirical(More)
The present study investigates drug consumption and risk behaviors among female students between 8th and 12th grade in two communities in the city of Santiago, Chile. Based on studies of university populations, we hypothesize that the students' reports of their consumption of licit drugs will tend to be consistent with their actual use of said drugs using(More)
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