Sergio Fogel

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In this paper we consider the problem of finding sets of long disjoint monotone subsequences of a sequence of $n$ numbers. We give an algorithm that, after $O(n \log n)$ preprocessing time, finds and deletes an increasing subsequence of size $k$ (if it exists) in time $O(n + k^2)$ . Using this algorithm, it is possible to partition a sequence of $n$ numbers(More)
We report the clinical and pathologic findings of two patients with sporadic visceral myopathy. Both presented with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction that necessitated colectomy. Microscopically, typical changes of primary visceral myopathy were present, including variable fibrous replacement of the muscularis externa and vacuolar degeneration of(More)
We report a case of paragonimiasis diagnosed by fine-needle aspiration of a breast mass in a middle-aged Korean female with a history of breast silicone injections. Although parasitoses have been discovered by aspiration of cyst fluid in otherwise sterile sites (i.e., liver and lung), the cystic presentation in the breast of a middle-aged female complicated(More)
We solve some problems related toray shooting in the plane, such as finding the first object hit by a query ray or counting the number of objects intersected by the query line. Our main results are an algorithm for finding the first hit when the objects are lines, and an algorithm for the case when the objects are segments. If the segments form simple(More)
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