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In this work, a morphological representation of a template matching algorithm for gray–scale images is presented. The algorithm is the composition of the so–called template matching operator with the maximum gray–level location operator, which can be both expressed in terms of the following classes of mathematical morphology elementary operators: dilations,(More)
An experimental assessment of eight area-based matching algorithms is presented. The algorithms have been selected from the literature within the last three decades. They are presented using a uniform notation. Based on a degree of matching between a set and a point, a special measure of matching precision is introduced. The eight algorithms are used to(More)
This paper proposes an advanced industrial controller prepared for hazardous industrial environments, namely natural gas odorisation. Its design and conception is focused on robustness and reliability, with high flexibility to allow local and remote monitoring and control. Instead of a centralized approach, where the computational load relies on a unique(More)
Snowpack properties like temperature or density are the result of a complex energy and mass balance process in the snowpack that varies temporally and spatially. The Snow Thermal Model (SNTHERM) is a 1-dimensional model, energy and mass balance-driven, that simulates these properties. This article analyzes the simulated snowpack properties using SNTHERM(More)
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