Sergio Fabi

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Upon applying Chamseddine’s noncommutative deformation of gravity we obtain the leading order noncommutative corrections to the Robertson-Walker metric tensor. We get an isotropic inhomogeneous metric tensor for a certain choice of the noncommutativity parameters. Moreover, the singularity of the commutative metric at t = 0 is replaced by a more involved(More)
BACKGROUND In the context of the Official Medicines Control Laboratories plasma pool testing for Parvovirus B19 DNA, we use the cobas TaqScreen DPX test. When we re-evaluated this method using the 3rd B19 DNA WHO IS at the final concentration of 4 log IU/mL, we observed a titre lower than expected, i.e. 3.79 log IU/mL. Therefore, we further investigated the(More)
We study the propagation of classical electromagnetic waves on the simplest four-dimensional spherically symmetric metric with a dilaton background field. Solutions to the relevant equations are obtained perturbatively in a parameter which measures the strength of the dilaton field (hence parameterizes the departure from Schwarzschild geometry). The loss of(More)
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