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Intergovernmentalism and Its Limits
The Lisbon Treaty has institutionalized a dual constitution, supranational in the single market’s policies and intergovernmental in (among others) economic and financial policies. The extremelyExpand
Which European Union?: Europe after the Euro Crisis
Preface: how many Unions? Part I. Institutionalisation of Multiple Unions: 1. From Rome to the Lisbon Treaty 2. The Lisbon Treaty and the Euro Crisis 3. Institutionalisation and constitutionalExpand
Compound Democracies: Why the United States and Europe Are Becoming Similar
Introduction 1. Democratic transformations in Europe and America PART I: TRANSATLANTIC DEMOCRACIES: THE ERA OF INSTITUTIONAL DIVERGENCE 2. Differentiation in authority structures: state, nation andExpand
Federalizing Italy: The Convergent Effects of Europeanization and Domestic Mobilization
On 7 October 2001, 16,257,606 Italian voters went to the polls to vote in a referendum on the reform of those articles of the constitution (n.114, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 127) concerned with theExpand
Integration without supranationalisation: studying the lead roles of the European Council and the Council in post-Lisbon EU politics
Abstract This special issue follows up on a stream of recent contributions on what has been identified as a particular phase of post-Maastricht European integration: the ‘new intergovernmentalism’Expand
Democracy and Federalism in the European Union and the United States: Exploring Post-National Governance
Preface About the authors Introduction Part 1: The EU from Federalist Projects to a Supranational Polity Part 2: Features and Problems of the US Federal Polity Part 3: Market, State and Social RightsExpand
Political and institutional constraints on structural reforms: interpreting the Italian experience
During 2011 Italy reached the verge of a financial default because of its huge public debt. Neither the centre-right nor the centre-left governments that alternated in power in the 2000s were able toExpand
The European Union and the Puzzle of Parliamentary Government
Abstract The parliamentary election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the Commission president re-launched the debate on the parliamentary transformation of the EU. The article critically discusses theExpand