Sergio Estrada Parra

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The airways and the urinary bladder are both hollow organs serving very different functions, i.e. air flow and urine storage, respectively. While the autonomic nervous system seems to play only a minor if any role in the physiological regulation of airway tone during normal breathing, it is important in the physiological regulation of bladder smooth muscle(More)
Receptors coupled to G proteins have many effects on the heart. Enhanced signaling by Gαs and Gαq leads to cardiac injury and heart failure, while Gαi2 signaling in cardiac myocytes can protect against ischemic injury and β-adrenergic-induced heart failure. We asked whether enhanced Gαi2 signaling in mice could protect against heart failure using a point(More)
Regulator of G protein signaling (RGS) proteins suppress G protein coupled receptor signaling by catalyzing the hydrolysis of Gα-bound guanine nucleotide triphosphate. Transgenic mice in which RGS-mediated regulation of Gαi2 is lost (RGS insensitive Gαi2 G184S) exhibit beneficial (protection against ischemic injury) and detrimental (enhanced fibrosis)(More)
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