Sergio Curilef

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In this work, simple exact results are presented for summations in two-particle potential with long-range interactions. Polygamma function is used to evaluate summations. Results are found when a periodic media is consider. Periodic boundary conditions are applied by symmetric repetitions of a central cell. Contributions over all space are used in the(More)
Molecular dynamic simulations for systems with D = 2, 3 Lennard-Jones-like interactions are studied. In the model, we assume that, at long distances, the two-body attractive potential decays as r−α. Thermodynamic extensivity (nonextensivity) is observed for α > D (0 ≤ α ≤ D). Particular attention is payed to the liquid-gas critical point located, in the(More)
A Hamiltonian mean field model, where the potential is inspired by dipole-dipole interactions, is proposed to characterize the behavior of systems with long-range interactions. The dynamics of the system remains in quasistationary states before arriving at equilibrium. The equilibrium is analytically derived from the canonical ensemble and coincides with(More)
In the present contribution, we propose a possible way to discuss the distributions of words in a given text. We have devoted our study to discuss some relevant properties observed in Spanish texts of Latin-American writers. We start analyzing the appearance of distributions of the frequency of occurrence in the Zipf perspective. We identify two regions of(More)
In the present study we analyze some consequences that come from revised measures as the Wehrl entropy and the Fisher information for the problem of a particle in a magnetic field starting from a complete description of the Husimi function. We discuss in the most complete form (three dimensions) some results related to measures in contrast with the(More)
Landauer’s principle is one of the pillars of the physics of information. It constitutes one of the foundations behind the idea that “information is physical”. Landauer’s principle establishes the smallest amount of energy that has to be dissipated when one bit of information is erased from a computing device. Here we explore an extended Landauerlike(More)
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