Sergio Copiello

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Provision of affordable dwellings is an emerging priority within Italian context. Lack of public funds leads to promote Public–Private Partnership schemes. Without public grants the adoption of a venture philanthropy approach is needed. The examined case study allows to explain the role of buildings energy efficiency. Buildings energy efficiency may boost(More)
The Discounted Cash Flow method is a long since well-known tool to assess the feasibility of investment projects, as the background which shapes a broad range of techniques, from the Cost-Benefit Analysis up to the Life-Cycle Cost Analysis. Its rationale lies in the comparison of deferred values, only once they have been discounted back to the present. The(More)
Mass appraisal is widely considered an advanced frontier in the real estate valuation field. Performing mass appraisal entails the need to get access to base information conveyed by a large amount of transactions, such as prices and property features. Due to the lack of transparency of many Italian real estate market segments, our survey has been addressed(More)
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