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BACKGROUND Infants suffering from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection can have severe responses that require intensive care. This study compares the epidemiologic patterns and the severity of respiratory diseases produced by RSV strain subtypes A and B. POPULATION AND METHODS The prevalence of RSV subgroups was studied over 8 consecutive outbreaks(More)
INTRODUCTION Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed during pregnancy. Conservative management is possible, and different options should be discussed with patients. The main decision parameters are stage of disease, lymph node status, trimester of pregnancy and wishes of the patient. We reviewed our experience on cases of early-stage(More)
A rapid enzyme immunoassay (EIA) membrane test, the Directigen respiratory syncytial virus (Becton Dickinson), was compared with cell culture, an indirect immunofluorescence (IF) test, the Monofluokit respiratory syncytial virus (Diagnostics Pasteur), and a conventional enzyme immunoassay antigen test, the Abbott respiratory syncytial virus enzyme(More)
Recent developments in sequencing technologies led to the discovery of a novel form of genomic instability, termed chromothripsis. This catastrophic genomic event, involved in tumorigenesis, is characterized by tens to hundreds of simultaneously acquired locally clustered rearrangements on one chromosome. We hypothesized that leukemias developing in(More)
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