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Vengono descritte le attività adrenolitiche di una nuova classe di derivati dell'ergolina di formula generale IV. Uno di questi composti (No. 20) è stato esaminato su diversi reattivi biologici che hanno messo in luce la sua attività vasodilatatrice e adrenolitica e l'assenza di attività indesiderate tipiche degli alcaloidi dell'Ergot.
Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) has gained worldwide acceptance as a treatment for early gastrointestinal cancers (EGICs). However, the management of these tumors in the Western world is still mainly surgical. Our aim was to evaluate the safety and feasibility of ESD at a European center. Based on the knowledge transferred by one of the most(More)
Early gastrointestinal cancers are defined as lesions limited to the mucosa or submucosa without invading the muscularis propria, regardless of the presence of lymph node metastases. Although the natural history of these diseases is basically alike worldwide, its management is quite different between the East and West; aggressive surgery is frequently(More)
We present a clinical investigation of diffuse reflectance and time-resolved autofluorescence spectra of skin cancer with an emphasis on basal cell carcinoma. A total of 25 patients were measured using a compact steady-state diffuse reflectance/fluorescence spectrometer and a fibre-optic-coupled multispectral time-resolved spectrofluorometer. Measurements(More)
We present an ex vivo study of temporally and spectrally resolved autofluorescence in a total of 47 endoscopic excision biopsy/resection specimens from colon, using pulsed excitation laser sources operating at wavelengths of 375 nm and 435 nm. A paired analysis of normal and neoplastic (adenomatous polyp) tissue specimens obtained from the same patient(More)
The risk of esophageal perforation following endoscopic balloon dilation for achalasia is in the range of 1%-5%, with a mortality rate of 1%-20%. Perforations need to be recognized early, and, if reasonable, an immediate endoscopic repair should be pursued quickly. Herein, we report a case of successful endoscopic closure by clipping of a large iatrogenic(More)
The spectrum of turbulent density fluctuations at long poloidal wavelengths in the edge plasma of the DIII-D tokamak peaks at nonzero radial wave number. The associated electric-potential fluctuations cause sheared E x B flows primarily in the poloidal direction. These zonal flows have been predicted by theory and are believed to regulate the overall level(More)
Detection, characterization, and staging constitute the fundamental elements in the endoscopic diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases, but histology still remains the diagnostic gold standard. New developments in endoscopic techniques may challenge histopathology in the near future. An ideal endoscopic technique should combine a wide-field, "red flag"(More)