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‘Getting COIN’ at the Tactical Level in Afghanistan: Reassessing Counter-Insurgency Adaptation in the British Army
Abstract This article reassesses the extent to which the British Army has been able to adapt to the counter-insurgency campaign in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. While adopting Farrell's definitionExpand
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The Strategic Impasse in Low-Intensity Conflicts: The Gap Between Israeli Counter-Insurgency Strategy and Tactics During the Al-Aqsa Intifada
Over the past 15 years Israel has been involved in a bitter counter-insurgency campaign against the Palestinians. Palestinian insurgency, particularly during the current Al-Aqsa Intifada, has posedExpand
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Coping with Knowledge: Organizational Learning in the British Army?
This article – based on data that employs interviews conducted with British Army personnel – adopts a social theory of learning in order to examine how both formal and informal learning systems haveExpand
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War is where the hearth is: gendered labor and the everyday reproduction of the geopolitical in the army reserves
ABSTRACT The feminized imaginary of “home and hearth” has long been central to the notion of soldiering as masculinist protection. Soldiering and war are not only materialized by gendered imaginariesExpand
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Abstract Israel's assault on Gaza in early 2009, Operation Cast Lead, achieved significant tactical successes and managed to redeem the Israel Defence Forces’ poor performance during the 2006 LebanonExpand
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Motivating soldiers: the example of the Israeli defence forces
As early as 400 BCE, Xenophon had stated that "not numbers or strength bring victory in war; but whichever army goes into battle stronger in soul, their enemies generally cannot withstand them." (1)Expand
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Israeli Counter-Insurgency and the Intifadas: Dilemmas of a Conventional Army
This volume analyzes the conduct of the Israel Defence Forces' (IDF) counter-insurgency operations during the two major Palestinian uprisings (1987-1993 and 2000-2005) in the Territories of the WestExpand
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Israel and Hizbollah: an asymmetric conflict in historical and comparative perspective
This book examines the local and international dynamics and strategies that have come to define the often violent relationship between Israel and Lebanon. Since the end of the Cold War, academicExpand
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