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A novel irregular and nonuniform sampling scheme for image data is presented in this paper. Its main characteristics are the particular distribution of the samples along image edges and in textured areas, which is obtained following a multiresolution approach, and the low computational complexity. As an example of application, an image coding system is(More)
A novel noise reduction system for video sequences is presented. It is based on a simple and accurate estimation algorithm, which is used to enable a ÿlter in a suitable set of rational and median operators. The system, which has been implemented in real time for common intermediate format images on a commercial multimedia digital signal processor, has been(More)
Recommended by Yap-Peng Tan CMOS video cameras with high dynamic range (HDR) output are particularly suitable for driving assistance applications, where lighting conditions can strongly vary, going from direct sunlight to dark areas in tunnels. However, common visualization devices can only handle a low dynamic range, and thus a dynamic range reduction is(More)
A complete system for old picture restoration is described: in particular, a frame alignment method, a simple deblotching algorithm and a nonlinear approach for contrast enhancement are proposed. The frame alignment uses a global motion compensation, with a logarithmic search for the correction vector. The blotch removal step consists of two stages.(More)