Sergio Bonini

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Jan L. Bro _ zek, MD, PhD, Jean Bousquet, MD, PhD, Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, MD, Sergio Bonini, MD, G. Walter Canonica, MD, Thomas B. Casale, MD, Roy Gerth van Wijk, MD, PhD, Ken Ohta, MD, PhD, Torsten Zuberbier, MD, and Holger J. Sch€ unemann, MD, PhD,MSc Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Montpellier, France, Córdoba, Argentina, Rome, Naples, and Genoa, Italy,(More)
The allergenic content of the atmosphere varies according to climate, geography and vegetation. Data on the presence and prevalence of allergenic airborne pollens, obtained from both aerobiological studies and allergological investigations, make it possible to design pollen calendars with the approximate flowering period of the plants in the sampling area.(More)
BACKGROUND Ocular burns cause depletion of limbal stem cells, which leads to corneal opacification and visual loss. Autologous cultured epithelial cells can restore damaged corneas, but this technology is still developing. We sought to establish a culture system that allows preservation of limbal stem cells and preparation of manageable epithelial sheets(More)
The increasing mobility of Europeans for business and leisure has led to a need for reliable information about exposure to seasonal airborne allergens during travel abroad. Over the last 10 years or so, aeropalynologic and allergologic studies have progressed to meet this need, and extensive international networks now provide regular pollen and hay-fever(More)
BACKGROUND Corneal neurotrophic ulcers associated with impairment of sensory innervation of the cornea may lead to loss of vision, and there is no effective treatment for these ulcers. We evaluated the effects of nerve growth factor in patients with this disorder. METHODS Twelve patients (14 eyes) with severe neurotrophic corneal ulcers associated with(More)
We have prepared this document, "Sublingual Immunotherapy: World Allergy Organization Position Paper 2013 Update", according to the evidence-based criteria, revising and updating chapters of the originally published paper, "Sublingual Immunotherapy: World Allergy Organization Position Paper 2009", available at Namely, these(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if markers of exposure to foodborne and orofecal microbes versus airborne viruses are associated with atopy and respiratory allergies. DESIGN Retrospective case-control study. PARTICIPANTS 240 atopic cases and 240 non-atopic controls from a population sample of 1659 participants, all Italian male cadets aged 17-24. SETTING Air(More)
BACKGROUND Skin prick testing is the standard for diagnosing IgE-mediated allergies. A positive skin prick reaction, however, does not always correlate with clinical symptoms. A large database from a Global Asthma and Allergy European Network (GA(2)LEN) study with data on clinical relevance was used to determine the clinical relevance of sensitizations(More)
Numerous studies published in the last 10-15 years have shown that nerve growth factor (NGF), a polypeptide originally discovered in connection with its neurotrophic activity, also acts on cells of the immune system. NGF has been found in various immune organs including the spleen, lymph nodes, and thymus, and cells such as mast cells, eosinophils, and B(More)