Sergio Bonansea

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Trypanosoma cruzi undergoes differentiation in the rectum of triatomine, where increased osmolarity is caused mainly by elevated content of NaCl from urine. Early biochemical events in response to high osmolarity in this parasite have not been totally elucidated. In order to clarify the relationship between these events and developmental stages of T. cruzi,(More)
We studied the effect of Na(+) extracellular on Ca(2+) mobilization from intracellular store evoked by carbachol in Trypanosoma cruzi. We report that slow component of Ca(2+) signaling evoked by agonist is dependent on extracellular Na(+) but not on InsP(3) increase. Moreover, this Ca(2+) signaling progressively increased when pH of the medium changed from(More)
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