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Abstract: This paper presents the architecture and the VHDL design of a Two Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (2-D DCT) for JPEG image compression. This architecture is used as the core of a JPEG compressor and is the critical path in JPEG compression hardware. The 2-D DCT calculation is made using the 2-D DCT separability property, such that the whole(More)
We present a new architecture for signed multiplication. The proposed architecture maintains the pure form of an array multiplier, exhibiting a much lower overhead than the Booth architecture. We propose a Hybrid encoding for the architectures, which is a compromise between the minimal input dependency presented by the Binary encoding and the low switching(More)
In this work, we present a design of a radix-2m Hybrid array multiplier using Carry Save Adder (CSA) circuit in the partial product lines in order to speed-up the carry propagation along the array. The Hybrid multiplier architecture was previously presented in the literature using Ripple Carry Adders (RCA) in the partial product lines. In our work we(More)
This paper presents an efficient hardware architecture for motion estimation (ME) in high resolution digital videos. This architecture is built upon the new Multi-Point Diamond Search algorithm (MPDS) which is a fast algorithm that increases the ME quality when compared with other fast algorithms. The MPDS is able to reduce local minima falls, increasing(More)
The JPEG2000 standard defines the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) as a linear space-to-frequency transform of the image domain in an irreversible compression. This irreversible discrete wavelet transform is implemented by FIR filter using 9/7 Daubechies coefficients or a lifting scheme of factorizated coefficients from 9/7 Daubechies coefficients. This(More)
This work presents a method to design parallel digital finite impulse response (FIR) filters for hardwired (fixed coefficients) implementation with reduced number of adders and logic depth in the multiplier block. The proposed method uses a combination of two approaches: first, the reduction of the coefficients to N-Power-of-Two (NPT) terms, where N is the(More)
Motion estimation (ME) is the most important component of current video encoders, however, it presents a very high computational complexity. To deal with this complexity, fast ME search algorithms are widely used, since they can greatly speed up this process. Fast search algorithms are vulnerable to choose local minima, producing quality losses, and these(More)