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Women at high risk for breast cancer were compared to low risk women with respect to frequency of breast self-examination (BSE), knowledge and quality of BSE, and attitudinal variables. The women at high risk did not practice BSE more frequently than women at low risk, although they were more knowledgeable about BSE, more focused on breast cancer, and less(More)
BACKGROUND Prepubertal patients receiving chemotherapy are relatively resistant to cyclophosphamide-induced germinal cell alterations. OBJECTIVE To study the possible protective effect of testosterone used to inhibit germinal cell activity in men who are receiving cyclophosphamide. DESIGN Randomized, clinical trial. SETTING University medical center.(More)
BACKGROUND Prepubertal patients receiving chemotherapy are relatively resistant to cyclophosphamide-induced germinal cell alterations. We studied the possible protective effect of testosterone and triptorelin to inhibit gonadal activity in men and women receiving cyclophosphamide, respectively. STUDY DESIGN Nonrandomized trial. SETTING & PARTICIPANTS 28(More)
To investigate the role of Angiotensin II in the release of ACTH, the response of adrenocorticotrophic hormone to hypoglycaemia was studied before and during treatment with an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, enalapril, in 15 male patients with essential hypertension. Plasma levels of ACTH were measured before and 60, 90 and 120 min after an i.v.(More)
Six women with primary hyperprolactinemia (mean prolactin level, 50 ng/ml) were matched with six normal women on eight factors influencing life style. Observers blind to endocrine status followed the subjects weekly for 10 weeks. Patients took bromocriptine, 2.5 mg twice daily, or placebo in a randomized double-blind sequence with crossover at 5 weeks. The(More)
BACKGROUND This study investigated hormonal parameters of gonadal function in severely obese men before and 1 year after undergoing biliopancreatic diversion (BPD). METHODS This observational 1-year postoperative study conducted at medical and surgical clinics at an academic medical center in Italy followed 20 severely obese men age 21 to 63 years, with a(More)
The authors describe the application of experiential sampling, a new time-sampling method, to the assessment of rapid state changes in a woman with multiple personality disorder. She was signaled at random intervals during study periods and asked to provide information on alternate personality switches, amnesia, and mood state. The alternates displayed some(More)
Endocrine function was evaluated in 20 prepubertal patients with homozygous beta-thalassemia treated with frequent transfusions and long term iron chelation therapy. FSH, LH, PRL, and TSH secretion were evaluated by LRH and TRH testing and L-dopa and ACTH were used to assess GH and adrenocortical reserve. No statistically significant differences were found(More)
The effect of clonidine on stress-induced cortisol secretion was studied in 10 patients undergoing general anesthesia for surgery; six other patients served as a control group and none of them was given clonidine. Central and peripheral alpha 2 stimulation by clonidine (average dose:0.45 mg over 60 minutes) was able to completely suppress cortisol release(More)