Sergio A. Pignari

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In this paper, a SPICE model representative for the mode conversion occurring in differential lines affected by imbalance either of the line cross-section and the terminal networks is developed. The model is based on the assumption of weak imbalance and allows approximate prediction of modal quantities, through separate modeling of the contributions due to(More)
In this work, the generation of common-mode (CM) currents and voltages in a pair of differential lines (DLs) running parallel each other, in close proximity, is investigated resorting to multi-conductor transmission-line theory and modal analysis. Particularly, the assumptions of weak coupling and weak imbalance are combined to derive a simplified(More)
In this paper, the statistical analysis of a measurement procedure for magnetic flux density (MFD) emissions on board of rolling stock is addressed. The measurement system is based on analog-to-digital conversion of the MFD signals in the time-domain and numerical evaluation of the frequency content via fast Fourier transform (FFT). In line with safety(More)
A statistical model for the prediction of radiated susceptibility (RS) of unshielded twisted wire pairs (TWPs) running above ground, and illuminated by a random field in a complex electromagnetic environment, is presented. The incident field is modelled as a superposition of plane waves with random amplitude, phase, and polarization. The expected value of(More)