Sergii V. Chernyshenko

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Models of the long-term ecological successions are considered. The model of open Eigen's hypercycle has been used to model the process. It is shown that ecological succession is a complex process with ability for self-organisation. It is distinguished two type of self-organisation: by adjusting system control parameters or by change of quantity of its(More)
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The contribution is devoted to qualitative investigation of subpopulation dynamics, described by a degenerate differential model with basic logistic function. The research includes: finding stationary sets, such as isolated special points and stationary hyper-planes, investigation of their stability, complete classification of system phase portraits,(More)
KEYWORDS System of ordinary quadratic differential equations, asymp-totic stability, biological population. ABSTRACT The case of a biological population, which consists of several sub-populations (different kinds of the population " social " groups: families, bevies, etc.), has been considered. For description of non-trivial interactions between these(More)
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