Sergii Kolomiichuk

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It was shown that the exposure of seeds in the rest phase to a low-frequency pulse electromagnetic field leads to substantial changes in seed physiology during germination. The changes at the physiological level in sprouting seeds depend not only on the frequency of the external EMF and its power characteristics but also on the kind of seeds. Low- and(More)
To fabricate donor corneal substitutes based on carbodiimide cross-linked porcine collagen, to study their in vitro and in vivo properties, and to elaborate new implantation techniques for the donor corneal collagen-based substitutes, this study had been performed. Bioengineered substitutes of corneal stroma (BSCS) were fabricated by cross-linking porcine(More)
The developmental dynamics of pathologic changes in the lenses and activity of glutathione-S-transferase in the blood plasma, liver and lens tissues of rabbits under chronic influence (2 months) of small doses of X-ray radiation (total dose 2 Gy) and polychromatic light have been researched. It was shown, that polychromatic light and X-ray irradiation of(More)
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