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Web services are widely used for enterprise software development. Web service protocols simplify application integration thanks to interface description that can be processed at runtime and, in addition, due to mature and widely used standards for transportation and internetworking. Implementation of service-oriented architecture starts to get acceptance in(More)
Scope and importance of the enterprise applications are increasing constantly, as these information systems allow more effective usage of enterprise time and resources. The enterprise applications are retrieving the information about the production processing the data from outer sources. The factory shop-floor devices are among the most important data(More)
Considering constantly increasing demand for shift from mass production to mass customization and the need to maintain high level of automation despite permanent changes in manufacturing technologies and tools new approaches and solutions have to be provided in manufacturing. Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial Internet of Things are enabling smart(More)
| Manufacturing execution systems play an important role of bridging high-level enterprise functions and production or manufacturing operations. The embedded systems are usually in charge of controlling execution of the operations. Modern embedded systems have become capable of simultaneous and deterministic execution of control algorithms and IP-based(More)
The incessant need of the industry to optimize processes due to market demands derived in a huge investment on information communication technologies implementation during last decades, in the industrial automation domain. This caused the implementation of paradigms as service-oriented or event-driven architectures in factories, used for wide data(More)
Demand for efficiency in the domain of manufacturing increases driven by competition for resources and customers. Adaptation of the modern concepts which have proven their benefits in other domains to the automation of manufacturing systems provides a field for innovation. Recent developments in Cyber-Physical Systems, Service-oriented Architecture and(More)
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