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In order to determine the significance and implications of falls from heights in the North Central Bronx Hospital (NCBH) patient population area, the records of 203 patients who fell from heights of 5 to 72 feet and who died or were admitted to NCBH over a five-year-period were reviewed. Demographic and clinical data were collected and analyzed for 192 of(More)
Sexual receptivity in female hamsters potentially lasts for about 16 h. However, vaginal cervical stimulation (VCS) from a male during mating eventually reduces receptivity and can shorten the duration of behavioral estrus. The process by which this change in response to the male takes place is unknown. Recently, detection of the Fos protein has indicated(More)
Detection of the expression of c-fos mRNA or its protein product, Fos, has been used to indicate differences in neuronal response to exogenous stimuli. Factors contributing to differences in Fos expression as a result of various stimuli associated with mating have been extensively studied in the female rat. Less is known about the factors that contribute to(More)
AIMS A bidirectional cohort study investigates whether pre-travel vaccination with whole cell/recombinant B subunit inactivated, killed oral cholera vaccine reduces the incidence of diarrhoea in young adult travellers to high-risk areas. SCOPE Risk of travellers' diarrhoea was assessed according to destination and reason for travel in high-risk travellers(More)
Surgical techniques for treatment of penetrating trauma to the kidney have ranged from simple drainage to nephrectomy, depending on the severity of the injury. Based upon successful experience in the surgical management of splenic injuries using knitted polyglycolic acid mesh, we report a case in which absorbable mesh was used to repair a laceration of the(More)
In order to add to the data on women surgeons as well as to clarify concerns raised in the literature, a questionnaire survey of fully trained women surgeons was conducted between 1983 and 1986. The 386 responses were analyzed and the results are presented here. Findings show that women surgeons are young (median age 37), board certified (77%), and(More)
The efficacy and safety of nasoenteral feedings via small bore, flexible tubes have been extensively studied and reported. Most of the tubes currently used have similar characteristics including a high price ($7.00-$17.30 per tube). Our study using inexpensive ($0.55 each), polyvinyl pediatric feeding tubes and reusable guide wires in 21 patients shows that(More)
Although several studies have examined the relationship between minority students' admissions profiles and performance in the preclinical curriculum, there is a dearth of information about the ability of admissions variables to predict performance in the clerkships and on National Boards, Part II. Consistent with other research, a study of 59 minority(More)