Sergi F. Barbashov

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Mannan-binding lectin (MBL), a member of the collectin family, is known to have opsonic function, although identification of its cellular receptor has been elusive. Complement C1q, which is homologous to MBL, binds to complement receptor 1 (CR1/CD35), and thus we investigated whether CR1 also functions as the MBL receptor. Radioiodinated MBL bound to(More)
Previously, we showed that soluble C1q bound specifically to CR1 on transfected cells. If the CR1-C1q interaction were to participate in immune complex clearance, then this interaction should support E adhesion. Using a tip plate adhesion assay, we found that immobilized C1q mediated adhesion of human E. E binding to C1q was specifically inhibited by(More)
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