Sergey Weinstein

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The amyloidogenic peptide beta-amyloid has previously been shown to bind to neurons in the form of fibrillar clusters on the cell surface, which induces neurodegeneration and activates a program of cell death characteristic of apoptosis. To further investigate the mechanism of Abeta neurotoxicity, we synthesized the all-D- and all-L-stereoisomers of the(More)
Bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) elicits responses by macrophages that help the body repel infections. Recent evidence indicates that phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI 3-kinase) may mediate some of these responses. Here, we show that exposing macrophages to LPS rapidly increased membrane-associated PI 3-kinase activity and also elevated p70 S6 kinase(More)
We describe a framework for programming value-added services into an edge router, such as a router used by a local enterprise domain for access to external IP transport services. Service programming modules and policies are downloaded from servers by CORBA object invocations made by an operator to the programmable router. The programmable functions include(More)
Different brain pathways have been shown to subserve the therapeutic effects of neuroleptics and their extrapyramidal side effects. Agents which can discriminate between these pathways, therefore, might be able to produce 'atypical' clinical effects. Molindone, a novel neuroleptic of the indoleamine class, has been shown in basic paradigms to discriminate(More)
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