Sergey Vlasenko

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Interaction of aerosol particles composed of protein and salts with water vapor: hygroscopic growth and microstructural rearrangement E. Mikhailov, S. Vlasenko, R. Niessner, and U. Pöschl Technical University of Munich, Institute of Hydrochemistry, Marchioninistr. 17, D-81377 Munich, Germany Atmospheric Physics Department, Institute of Physics, St.(More)
[1] Black carbon (BC) and organic carbon (OC) are the largest contributors to the aerosol absorption in the atmosphere, yet the absorption cross sections of BC and OC per unit mass are subject to a large uncertainty due to morphology, physicochemical properties, and the mixing state of carbonaceous particles. Theoretical studies suggest the possibility of(More)
The interaction of aerosol particles composed of the protein bovine serum albumin (BSA) and the inorganic salts sodium chloride and ammonium nitrate with water vapor has been investigated by hygroscopicity tandem differential mobility analyzer (H-TDMA) experiments complemented by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Köhler theory calculations (100–300(More)
Nowadays corporate networks of data transmission are an important constituent of an organization's infrastructure. A consolidation of computers in a network allows to provide resource sharing of the network and an operational access to all corporate information, organize a high-speed access of users to Internet and create reliable centralized resources of(More)
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