Sergey V. Mamaev

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Oligodeoxyribonucleotide derivatives containing ethidium or azidoethidium residues attached to 3' and/or 5' end were prepared. These derivatives formed tight specific complexes with complementary(More)
Photoreactive derivatives of tRNAPhe (E. coli) were synthesized by alkylation of the tRNAPhe with 4-(N-2-chloroethyl-N-methylamino)benzylamine and subsequent treatment with(More)
By site-directed alkylation of 16S rRNA with benzylidene derivatives of d(pACCTTGTT)rA (II), d(pTTACGACT)rU (III), d(pTTTGCTCCCC)rA (IV) (reagents (II)--(IV] followed by the RNase H treatment a(More)