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Variation in the Composition of Secondary Metabolites in Flavocetraria Lichens from Western Siberia
The composition and contents of secondary metabolites in Flavocetraria lichens from Eastern Siberia were analyzed using herbarium specimens. Based on the composition of identified metabolites, threeExpand
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The lichen genus Usnea Dill. ex Adans. in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
The occurrence of lichens belonging to the genus Usnea was studied in Yakutia. Eight species have been revealed: U. barbata (L.) F.H. Wigg., U. cavernosa Tuck., U. dasypoga (Ach.) Nyl., U.Expand
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Phenomenon of irreducible genetic markers for TATAAA motifs in human chromosome 1
It is well known that the general transcription factors (GTF) specifically recognize correct TATA boxes, distinguishing them from many others. Employing the principles of determinacy analysisExpand
Dynamics partial pressure gassing during pumping Wed
The partial gas release during pumping is considered as a weakly nonequilibrium process and describes the methods of linear nonequilibrium thermodynamics. Streams are linear functions ofExpand