Sergey V. Zykov

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When exposed to light, Characean cells develop a pattern of alternating alkaline and acid bands along the cell length. The bands were identified with a tip-sensitive antimony pH microelectrode positioned near one end of Chara internode at a distance of 50-100 microm from the cell wall. The stage with Chara cell was moved along its longitudinal axis at a(More)
A scanning pH-microprobe was used to study pH patterns near the surface of Chara corallina cells at various light intensities and during light-induced transitions from homogeneous pH distribution to alternating pH bands. In the irradiance (PAR) range 4–400 μmol quanta m−2 s−1, the sustained pH profiles consisted of alternating acid and alkaline bands with(More)
Integrated approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software design and implementation can significantly improve the entire corporate information infrastructure and it helps to benefit from power of Internet services. The approach proposed provides for corporate Web portal integrity, consistency, urgency and front-end data processing. Human resources(More)
Portal technology can significantly improve the entire corporate information infrastructure. The approach proposed is based on rigorous and consistent (meta)data model and provides for efficient and accurate front-end integration of heterogeneous corporate applications including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, multimedia data warehouses and(More)