Sergey V Volkov

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Endoscopic signs of esophageal fungal lesions were established in 7.5% of patients with chemical impairment of the gastrointestinal tract on day 10-15 since the burn. Endoscopically, there were two forms of the esophageal lesion. To make the diagnosis more reliable, specific evidence at endoscopy and bacterioscopy should be used while the differential(More)
The new axially substituted phthalocyanine (pc) complex of zirconium(IV) with citric acid is reported. It has been shown that the replacement of two Cl-atoms with two citric acid fragments takes place as the result of the reaction between [ZrCl2(pc)] and citric acid. The complex [Zr(citrate)2(pc)] was formed. The spectroscopic properties of the synthesized(More)
A remetalation (a capping group exchange) reaction of the boronantimony-capped iron(II) clathrochelates with zirconium and hafnium(IV) phthalocyanines in CH2Cl2/CH3OH medium afforded the hybrid phthalocyaninoclathrochelates in a practically quantitative yield. The complexes obtained have been characterized both on the basis of elemental analysis, PD mass(More)
The paper provides the results of endoscopic and morphologic follow-up of healing of extensive corrosive gastric ulcer in He-Ne laser therapy of 34 patients (512 gastric biopsies). Laser radiation of ulcer reduces frequency of stenosis in healing outcome as well as treatment duration, creates conditions for healing without leukocytic fusion of necrotic(More)