Sergey V. Sokolov

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Protection of humans working in open areas during a cold period is of great importance. Cold influences human heat state, health and functional capacity. The assessment criteria for optimal permissible heat state during work time and maximum permissible heat state demanding regulation of cold exposure time are described. They form the basis for estimation(More)
The redescription of Proctophantastes gillissi (Overstreet et Pritchard, 1977) (Trematoda: Zoogonidae) was made on specimens collected from Muraenolepis marmorata Günther, 1880 (Gadiformes) caught in the Ross Sea and the Amundsen Sea (Antarctic). The fish is a new host of this parasite. Phylogenetic relations of P. gillissi were inferred by Maximum(More)
The importance of studying methods for solving the problem of identifying structures of discrete stochastic objects has been shown. The general structure of an identification algorithm based on the use of generalized probabilistic criteria has been proposed. The structural identification algorithm is synthesized based on the minimum posterior error(More)
A new approach to intelligent processing of temporal data that is based on hybrid fuzzy-stochastic models is proposed. A formal representation of a hybrid model implementing intelligent temporal data processing in the form of a composition of deterministic, stochastic, and fuzzy-logic models is considered. An analytical method for parameter identification(More)
The problem of the high-precision estimation of the navigation parameters of a mobile object by eliminating the most significant measurement noise in the process of integration of satellite and tracker navigation measurements and the application of nonlinear filtering methods is solved.
This paper is concerned with one problem in creating intellectual control systems: methods and design tools of fuzzy logical devices for building modern efficient and reliable control systems in poorly formalized problems and ill-structured problem domains. Flaws of the available microprocessor devices for fuzzy information processing are indicated and(More)
Methods of structural stochastic identification of nonlinear discrete dynamic objects are shown to be a topical subject of study. The general structure of an identification algorithm leveraging nonlinear filtering algorithms is proposed. Synthesis of the structural identification algorithm that uses the criterion of the minimum of the autocorrelation(More)
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