Sergey V. Rogov

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The paper outlines some experience in rehabilitating 1250 patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) undergone aortocoronary bypass surgery (ACBS). Rehabilitative measures promoted more rapid and maximally full recovery of physical fitness and cardiorespiratory parameters. The recommended groups of physical activity allow one to differentially approach to(More)
Tests with intravenous ergometrin maleate and selective coronarography were performed in 82 coronary patients. In 16 of those, coronary spasm was suspected from ECG findings at preliminary testing and confirmed at repeated pharmacologic tests during coronarography. Episodes of vasospastic angina pectoris accompanied by multiple spasms in branches of the(More)
The study was undertaken to examine 70 patients with coronary heart disease who had undergone aortocoronary bypass. Spirobicycle ergometric testing was performed in all patients in the early postoperative period, coupled with recording hemodynamic parameters, such as cardiac and stroke indices, heart rate, and Q-Z interval, by employing tetrapolar(More)
After studying central hemodynamics in patients with ischemic heart disease who had undergone aortocoronary shunting without postoperative complications and angina pectoris, the authors came to the conclusion on the beneficial effect of small-dose beta-blockers in the above cases if they developed sinus tachycardia. Beta-blockers help reduce oxygen demand(More)
Java is used in large enterprise server applications. Enterprise applications are characterized by large amount of live heap data and considerable thread level parallelism. Garbage collectors are programs that attempts to reclaim garbage, or memory occupied by objects that are no longer in use by the main program [1]. The strength of Java platform is that(More)
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